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Avel & Men watch rolls !


In Taiwan, watch collectors are turning into Breton with our Ploumanac’h watch rolls !

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Breton watch strap La Rochelle

Avel & Men, een Bretons lederwarenmerk met een keur aan horlogeaccessoires geïnspireerd op de scheepvaart, presenteert de nieuwe horlogeband La Rochelle. Deze band wordt gemaakt van leer gecombineerd met het materiaal van de zeilen van wedstrijdzeilboten.

Deze materialen zijn volgens het merk exotisch en verkrijgbaar in diverse kleuren en geometrische vormen. Met de verschillende kleuren leer zijn zo talloze variaties mogelijk. De band is om diverse redenen aantrekkelijk, aldus Avel & Men: de look is uniek, de gebruikte materialen roepen een krachtige technische sfeer op die horlogeliefhebbers weten te waarderen en de kleuren, patronen en de gedetailleerde afwerking spreken aan.

Avel & Men is op dit moment een serie nieuwe modellen aan het ontwerpen die de collectie in de loop van het jaar gaat complementeren.

Bretonse horlogeband La Rochelle

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Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your stylish sailor? We’ve got you covered.

holiday gift guide: avel and men backpack

Avel & Men crafts a sophisticated nautical backpack that is a great way to carry your passion for sailing with you. Photo: Avel & Men.

Passionate about sailing and design, French sailor Xavier Broise founded Avel & Men with his sister Agnes for urbane sailors. The brand, which means “wind and rock” succeeds in creating luxurious and sophisticated leather and carbon fiber gifts we love, particularly the Backpack. Crafted of supple yet sturdy leather, it was the thoughtful nautical details that really won us over.

holiday gift guide: avel & men backpack

Avel & Men’s Backpack features creative nautical details: a Dyneema handle, carbon fiber branding and a pressure map lining. Photo: Avel & Men.

They so beautifully capture the sailing lifestyle with a handle made of high tech sailing rope Dyneema, a stylish carbon fiber plate and an exclusive nautical pressure map lining. This wonderful boutique company is less than a year old, so a great opportunity to #shopsmall. The backpacks are made and shipped from France, so make sure to order by December 8 for Christmas delivery.



holiday gift guide: avel & men key fob

Avel & Men’s Keyholder features a branded carbon fiber plate. Photo: Avel & Men.

holiday gift guide: avel & men personalized key fob

The leather side of the Avel & Men key fob can be personalized with boat number, name, monogram and more. Photo: Avel & Men.

Searching for something techie, chic and personalized? Look no further than Avel & Men’s Keyholder. Their signature carbon fiber plate covers the top of the fob and the bottom is leather which is customizable with boat name, number or monogram – making a most unique and thoughtful gift. Each one is handcrafted in France, so make sure to order by December 8th for Christmas delivery.


Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Chic Sailing Gifts

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Watch straps made from racing sails!

Avel & Men, a Breton leather goods company that offers a range of nautical-inspired watch accessories, is pleased to present its new “La Rochelle” watch strap, made from racing sails and leather!

The sailcloth of racing boats has evolved a lot since the cotton sails used in the 1950s! They are now laminated and use innovative materials which are lighter and more resistant, reducing the weight and keeping the optimum sail shape. This technical evolution for sailors was a boon for Avel & Men. Agnès Broise, co-founder of the brand and head of design explains: “the materials are exotic and come in a variety of colours and geometric shapes; ideal objects to create a varied range by combining them with different colours of leather.

Officially presented for the first time at Rocollection show in Paris, the range was an immediate success with collectors. Xavier Broise, President of Avel & Men explains: “The strap is attractive for a number of reasons: its look is quite unique; the materials used evoke a strong and technical universe, which is appreciated by watch collectors; the colours and patterns are a subtle reminder of certain patinas or details of the watch; and finally the finish has a perfect attention to detail.

On the back of this launch, the Avel & Men team is now designing new models that will be presented in the course of this year to complete the collection. Already available on our website and through our network of retailers, La Rochelle watch straps will delight lovers of the sea and beautiful watches.

The Avel & Men Crew

For any enquiry or to request high resolution pictures, please contact us at:

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watch pouch turku

nice Turku pouch

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We wanted to question Xavier Broise about the choices of the technical materials and other allusions to the world of the water sport in the range Avel and Men. These choices are already evoked in the page ” materials and technique ” by our web site, but we wished to have more precision.

Writing(Editorial staff) Avel and Men: Xavier Broise, you wish to position Avel and Men as a luxury brand and city-dweller for the lovers of the regatta. How can we reconcile a spirit veil with a city spirit?
Xavier Broise: it is clearly the challenge for Avel and Men! The marine products which exist on the market offer very often a very casual spirit / weekend. Yet(now) it is clear that numerous amateur sailors are in the bar(helm) of their sailboat the weekend, then to the office(desk) on Mondays mornings, in a dress-code let us say more elegant than the jacket of quarter. Avel and Men addresses this target, by proposing him(her) a sophisticated range which evokes the water sport in small touches subtle.

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Avel & Men Watch Accessories: Luxurious Nautical Watch Accessories

Created out of a deeply felt passion for the sea, Avel & Men is a family owned and operated business that understands the love and passion a sailor feels for his favorite pastime. They know that there is nothing quite like a life on the water. Having spent much time on the water themselves, they know the sorts of accessories sailors need while voyaging across the sea, whether that journey is a casual endeavor to get a little bit of sun or if they are embarking on their first regatta. Avel & Men strives to differ from other watch accessory companies in the way that they combine aesthetics with practical use, keeping the needs of every sailor in mind.

Avel & Men is dedicated to providing you as a sailor or as an enthusiast of the nautical life the accessories that you need in order to go on your adventures. Each of their watch cases has been crafted out of ultra elegant, full grain, fine Italian leather which exudes luxury and class and will look stunning out on the sea or any place on dry land. The cases are available in an array of beautiful colors, and each one features not only a padded lining, but also a leather loop that holds onto your watch and keeps it in place, no matter how large the swells of the waves become. is an authorized reseller of Avel & Men watch rolls and on their website, you can enjoy all of these beautiful cases in one easy to access place, and you can have them at a fantastically competitive price.

See The Avel & Men Collection